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String Octet - 13 challenges

String Octet - 13 challenges

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I made this puzzle several years ago and I am often getting requests to make another batch. Quite honestly, they were a lot of work and I didn't want to make them. However the addition of the Laser cutter to my shop has made making these a bit less of a chore. They are still rather time consuming, due to the double sided engraving of the pieces, but less of my physical involvement during that process. There are 13 challenges which, the supplied card, shows you the starting and ending points. You just have to fill in the rest. There is also a sealed envelope containing hints that show the location of the unused squares (walnut pieces) in case you need it. If these sell out, I will be sure to add more soon. Ships unassembled

Designed by: Goh Pit Khiam

Size: 0.3" x 3" x 4.25" (.95cm x 10.2cm x 14cm)