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Puzzle Preview

Next update will be on or about May 21st.

Photos of the May puzzles coming this week.

These pictures are some of the designs that will be released in my next update. Check back as I will be adding more photos as prototypes are completed. Keep in mind, these are early prototypes and final wood species may vary slightly. Also, these puzzles are not yet available and only limited info will be posted. Prices can not be calculated until all work is completed.


YABS (Yet Another Broken Soma

Designed by Girish Sharma 


 3-2-1 Squares (2 versions 1 wood, 1 acrylic)

Designed by Alexander Magyarics



Special Fund Raising version of Peg Pile

Designed by Yours Truly

Inelegant Packing Squares (3 versions)

Designed by Haym Hirsh 

Squared Cube (2 versions)

Designed by Haym Hirsh


Snake Charmer (2 versions)

A TIC designed by Girish Sharma

And more! Plus some restocking of a few acrylics that sold very quickly last update.