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Puzzle Updates

Hello Puzzle Friends

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It was very enjoyable for me. I spent time entertaining family in my new home and a good time was had by all. 

Things have finally gone back to normal now, as I continue to move forward with the new shop. I am now waiting for various approvals from the township and the company building the shop get the appropriate permits. This means I have some extra time on my hands when I am not unpacking and getting settled into my new surroundings. I have spent much of that time ordering supplies and stocking up on wood and acrylics for the next batch of puzzles. Some of the woods I have acquired include Koto, Ababa, Etimoe, Italian Olive, Mansonia, Ohia, Bolivian Ebony, Curly Pyinma and Kentucky Coffeewood, along with lots of the usual colorful, and beautiful exotic woods i use. When I will be able to begin making puzzles is anyones guess, but I hope to try to make a few small batches of previously made puzzles to post while I wait for the shop to be built. The inability to easily make jigs and have an effective work flow dictates that I utilize existing jigs and keep puzzle runs small. I don’t really have any updates on the shop other than what I mentioned above. Once everything is approved and the building is underway, I can start posting more interesting info and pictures. 

In the mean time, I am trying to get some work done in our garage. It is awkward, but workable, as I can only have one machine out and usable at a time. Of course, this slows production but it is still quite enjoyable to be making puzzles again. I hope to restock many of the acrylic puzzles sometime in December and some wooden puzzles later in the month. Fingers crossed!

That’s all for now,