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Puzzle Preview

Pictures and previews coming soon!

These pictures are just some of the designs that will be released in my next update. Check back as I will be adding more photos as prototypes are completed. Keep in mind, these are early prototypes and final wood species may vary slightly. Also, these puzzles are not yet available and only limited info will be posted. Prices can not be calculated until all work is completed.

I am happy to say that the minor health issues I have been dealing with are behind me now! I am also happy to report that my last set of scans were clean! I am still cancer free for the time being. I will be having follow up scans every three months until my doctors tell me otherwise. With all this taken care of I am able to set the date for my next update. I am still a little behind but I know that this has dragged on long enough and this update will happen on Thursday, August 13th, no matter what! The time will probably be 1 pm. Thank you for your patience.

Shuttle (shown in Mango & Bolivian Rosewood)

(1 of 3 versions to be available)

by Alexander Magyarics


RIPple (shown in Honey Locust)

(1 of 4 versions to be available)

by Andrew Crowell

TwisTIC in mixed woods

(one of 2 versions available)

by Andrew Crowell

N-Closed (shown with Marblewood/Wenge frame and Desert Ironwood, Macacauba and Spalted Jobillo pieces)

(1 of 3 versions to be available)

by Haym Hirsh


Opposite versions 1 and 2 will be sold as one puzzle. Two sets of pieces and one box. 

(several versions in production)

by Alexander Magyarics



(1 of 3 versions to be available)

by Ken Irvine


Photo coming soon

by Andrew Crowell



Check back from time to time. I will stop adding images several days before the update.