Upcoming Puzzle Preview

More pictures and previews coming soon!

These pictures are just some of the designs that will be released in my next update. Check back as I will be adding more photos as prototypes are completed. Keep in mind, these are early prototypes and final wood species may vary slightly. Also, these puzzles are not yet available and only limited info will be posted. Prices can not be calculated until all work is completed.

Split Cube II

designed by Andrew Crowell


designed by Andrew Crowell

Red Poppy

designed by Alexander Magyarics

Fraternal Twins

designed by George Sicherman




designed by Andrew Crowell



As many of you know I was diagnosed with advanced Stage III melanoma earlier this summer. My doctors started me on Immunotherapy shortly after my diagnosis. This week I went to the doctors to discuss the results of a recent scan and my treatment. As it turns out, my body responded very positively to the treatment and all signs of my cancer have either shrunk to negligible size or are gone completely, along with no new activity. The doctors said that I couldn't have asked for a better result. As of now I am simply monitoring myself and will get another scan in March to see if I am still clear. I am still having some side effects from the treatment, and although they are relatively minor, they have impacted my production and overall response time for questions, orders and updates. Thank you for your patience.