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Puzzle Updates

Hello Puzzle Friends

I am sure you have noticed that things have been quiet at recently. There are several reasons for this. Not the least of which is the blistering heat we have been having here in the Northeastern U.S has me moving a bit slower. But most of this lull can be attributed to some exciting changes in my life. I have been spending the last few months preparing my home to go up for sale. I have been wanting to downsize for many years and I am finally moving towards that goal. Upon the sale of my house, I will be moving and building a new shop. (I hope to document the process and post updates on the progress on my site.) This will, of course, result in another temporary slow down in production. But I am also preparing for this by producing many of the parts I need, so that when I find myself without a workshop, I will still be able to produce puzzles with a temporary setup. In the mean time, it will be necessary for me to make some adjustments.

I will be removing the “Hold for Future Shipping” option from my website. In conjunction, I will be asking folks that have puzzles on hold to consider having them shipped soon. I do not want to undertake a move and possibly have orders damaged, or worse, lost. I will be reaching out to everyone over the next few months about shipping your orders. Some orders have been on hold for so long that you may have forgotten about them. Others have not responded to my emails and these orders will eventually be cancelled and refunded. Some have been on hold for over 2 years. I don’t really want to do this, but I know no other way to handle it. If you have an order that gets cancelled that you still wanted, please reach out to me and arrange to have it shipped. I will not immediately place these puzzles back into my inventory. I will hold them for a short while so that they will still be available to you.

Another step that I will be taking during this time is thinning out some of my own puzzles. I will not be selling puzzles that I have purchased from other puzzle makers. Rather, ones that I have made for myself and that can easily be remade after the move, if I chose to. Most of these will be my personal copies, and some may be different from puzzles that were sold on my site. I will also be cleaning out my shop and office and assembling puzzles that were not completed in time for a sale and then place in storage for future assembly, which never occurred. I will be posting these as small lots and at a reduced price as I really need to reduce what I will be moving or possibly placing into storage. All these things will be taking place over the next few months, but must be completed before I make settlement on my home. Consequently the schedule will be dictated by my homebuyers schedule.

I will still be having an update of new puzzles, but that timeline has slipped a bit. I hope to have it before the end of August, but it may slip into September. I will keep you posted, so please check the website later in the month for a time and date. The selling of my puzzles will take place soon and will not be announced due to the nature of the process. Thank you for listening to my ramblings and I look forward to making more puzzles in my new location.