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Black Friday Guidelines

Hello Puzzle Friends

Here are the guidelines for the Black Friday Sale November 24th!

1. There is a limit of three items per customer in order to give everyone a chance to grab a great deal.

2. All puzzles listed on Friday will return to standard pricing on Saturday Nov. 25th. 

3. Puzzles will be listed for at least 25% off, some for more, and there will be one or two completely random postings for which no clues were given.

4.  I rarely list recently released new puzzles, but if I do it is the last copy or return/cancelled order.

5. There are no returns for previously purchased puzzles that may appear in the sale.

6. Due to family plans and travel for the Thanksgiving Holiday, puzzles will not begin shipping until Wednesday, November 29th.

7. Good Luck and I hope you have fun!