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Puzzle Preview

Preview of some of what's coming!

These pictures are just some of the designs that will be released in my next update. Check back as I will be adding more photos as prototypes are completed. Keep in mind, these are early prototypes and final wood species may vary slightly. Also, these puzzles are not yet available and only limited info will be posted. Prices can not be calculated until all work is completed.

I am working feverishly to finish up everything but several factors have slowed me down. Shipping of materials (wood, magnets and acrylic) and supplies (glue, blades etc) has been delayed, lost and overall a PIA! I will definitely have the update before the end of the month but it may be closer to the end than the middle as I had hoped. After all we are almost at the middle of the month now. 

I also added a laser cutter to the shop, and incorporating it into the workflow slowed things a bit at first. Now that I am up and running I expect it to save me an enormous amount of time. Also, several of the puzzles this month have multiple puzzles/challenges in one. More bang for the buck, but a bit more work too.



(1 of several versions to be available)

by Andrew Crowell


Kryptonite (4 different packing challenges)

(2 versions to be available)

by Laszlo Molnar

Roots and Branches


by Peter Dahlsten

Slide Swipe (8 different challenges)

(2 versions to be available)

by Haym Hirsh



Several challenges packing and arranging

by Haym Hirsh


A cross between Somaa and Jitter Soma but probably harder than both!

by Haym Hirsh


TIC (still working, pic to come)

by Laszlo Molnar

Twice as Nice

Make a square or a triangle from the 4 pieces

by George Sicherman

Thrice as Nice

Make a Square, Triangle or Parallelogram from the 6 pieces

by George Sicherman

Pillar (pic coming)

Packing puzzle

by Alexander Magyarics

More from Alex hopefully!