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Puzzle Preview

Preview of some of what's coming throughout August and the New Puzzles for the September Update.

These pictures are just some of the designs that will be released in my next update. Check back as I will be adding more photos as prototypes are completed. Keep in mind, these are early prototypes and final wood species may vary slightly. Also, these puzzles are not yet available and only limited info will be posted. Prices can not be calculated until all work is completed.

NOTE: I will be taking a several weeks off after the June update. Although I will still be making puzzles, I will not be spending as much time in the shop as I normally do. I hope to take this time to do some traveling during the months of July and August. This means the next update will be late September. HoweverI will be posting more puzzles to the classic/popular page throughout the summer as I restock many of the popular items. These will not be new puzzles, just more copies of some of your favorite designs and a few additional copies of puzzles from the June update.,due to me being so darned slow.  

Keep in mind, all new and old acrylic puzzles will also be moved to the Acrylics page since they tend to not sell as quickly as the wood puzzles and are a bit easier to restock. This will allow you to go straight to the New Puzzles page and make your purchase before going back to browse the new acrylic designs. 

What's coming in August and September


More . . . Midi, 3Zs, Cube Stands, No Holes Barred, Alpacka #1, Somama, Inelegant Series Puzzles and hopefully a few more! These will be posted at random times and may be restocked a few times during the month.



Alpacka #2

Designer: Alexander Magyarics

1 of 2 versions to be released

Flat Pack (wood version)

(an acrylic version may still be available from NothingYetDesigns)

Designer; Laszlo Molnar

Packing puzzle


Designer: Haym Hirsh

Packing puzzle

Tristan #1 & #2

Designer: Alexander Magyarics

2 packing puzzle challenges