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From the creative genius of Andrew Crowell comes ThreeTIC. Not to be confused with the previously release TriTIC!

Even these three piece TICs are a bear! I liked this design because of the number of rotations. No less than 5 rotations to get this one together! I thought that these 3 piece TICs were going to be too easy. They may be easier than the 4x4x4 versions but they are still a lot of fun! More of his 3 piece TICs will be coming for sure! I would love to get your feedback on these as well! Made from Peroba Rosa, Angelim Pedra and Sucupira.

Moves - 18 moves including 5 rotations 

Approximate Size: 2.5" x 2.5" x x 2.5" (6.3cm x 6.3cm x 6.3cm)

Designer: Andrew Crowell