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Inelegant Snakes

Inelegant Snakes

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Haym's at it again. Here is his latest "Inelegant" offering. Inelegant Snakes uses the offset L piece that was used in his Snake Pack design. Except this puzzle uses both a left and right hand piece and they are made from the same 3x4x5 unit cubes as the other Inelegant puzzles. There will be holes on two opposing corners and a void in the center of the solved cube but the outside edges should all be even. And it comes with a nice stand for displaying. The pieces are each made from 4 woods, Sucupira, Red Zebrawood, Marblewood and Mango. The stands are a made from a variety of woods and what you receive will be a surprise to both of us! Ships assembled

Designed by: Haym Hirsh

Size: Approx. 2" x 2" x 2" (cube only)