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Inelegant 5 Set - Only a few made
Inelegant 5 Set - Only a few made

Inelegant 5 Set - Only a few made

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For those of you that missed earlier version of the Inelegant puzzles, I decided to bring back a few designs and incorporate my favorite of Haym's Inelegant designs. This group of the Inelegant designs contains these five and are my favorites of the genre. Each puzzle comes with a display stand.

Inelegant Soma. A Soma puzzle using the Hoffman style pieces to create a single solution puzzle.

Inelegant Box.  These pieces (Long L) assemble to make a box with a void in the center and two opposite corners with a void.

Inelegant Cube. Nine pieces make a complete cube in this version. I think this may be the toughest (at least for me) to solve.

Inelegant Snakes. Using six of the "offset L or snake" shaped pieces (3 right hand and 3 left hand) this puzzle makes a cube with 2 opposing corners and the center having a void.

Inelegant Fake. My favorite of this series and a simple 7 piece puzzle, but is it?

Ships unassembled

Designer: Haym Hirsh

Size: 2" x 2" x 2" (not including stand)