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Alpacka #1
Alpacka #1

Alpacka #1

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The demand was too great and I had to make more Alpacka's. I also decided to keep them on the New Puzzles page since they were just here for the last update. And yes, there will be an Alpaca #2 coming soon! I thought this appeared to be rather easy, until I tried to solve it. My mind just doesn't work like I need it to for a puzzle like this. Although the number of moves is not at all high, I think it still provides a nice challenge! 4 versions available. The Surprise Me version will all have the walnut box but the pieces will be different woods. The photo is showing several of the possible woods. No choices please.


Designer: Alexander Magyarics

Size: 1" x 4" x 4" (2.5cm x 10.1cm x 10.1cm)