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Alpacka #2

Alpacka #2

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This time it's Alpacka 2!. Here is the follow up to Alpacka #1. I think this one is even more of a challenge than the first Alpacka. Like the #1, this one has 6 similar pieces with the handle in a different location on each piece. Instead of "C" shaped pieces, these are "L" shaped.  Just get all 6 pieces into the box with the handles protruding from the top of the box. The Surprise Me version will all have the walnut or canarywood box but the pieces will be all made from a different species. The photo is showing the walnut box and a random species for the pieces. No choices please. Ships unassembled.


Designer: Alexander Magyarics

Size: 1" x 4" x 4" (2.5cm x 10.1cm x 10.1cm)