It's All About Wood!

Here I would like to highlight some of the beautiful woods that I use to make my puzzles. I hope to be able to feature 3 or more woods every update. Some of this information is reprinted with the permission of Cook Woods. Click on their name to visit their website and see some of the beautiful woods they have.


Monterillo Rosewood 

Jacaranda Pardo is a South American wood sometimes called Bolivian Rosewood or Pau Ferro. Our stock is from the Northern variety and exhibits dark stripes through a dark tan that resembles striped Ebony versus the Southern variety that visually resembles Brazilian Rosewood. The wood is dense (heavier than Brazilian & East Indian Rosewood), closed grain and non-porous. It is beautiful to finish. Note that a small percentage of the population is allergic to this wood.

Printed with the permission of Cook Woods


From Western Africa and similar in appearance to Mahogany or Sapele, this unique species often has beautiful ribbon striping. Warm caramel brown color & lustrous , iridescent honey tones combine with easy workability to make this an excellent choice for many applications. Turning, gluing and finishing are easy with this wood! The grain structure is typically interlocked and the scent is similar to Cedar. Also known as African Walnut, the scientific name of this material is Lovoa trichilioides. The specific gravity is .45 to .54. This is rarely seen on the US market in lumber form.

Printed with the permission of Cook Woods

Patagonian Rosewood