Thank you for visiting our store!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Black Friday Sale/Puzzle Hunt!

As most of you know, I lost my wife in January of 2018 to cancer. She fought a 13 year battle with this terrible disease and the last year or so of her life was considerably more difficult for our family. But in 2014 my wife allowed me to leave my career in graphic design, which I had worked at for over 40 years, to become a full time puzzle maker. This decision was the best decision we had ever made. Largely because of you, in the puzzle community, who have supported me and my business for well over a decade. I couldn't have asked for a more rewarding way to spend my days than doing something I love as much as this. Most importantly, it enabled me to be at home, at a time when my wife needed me the most. I was able to devote much more of my day to her, and the flexibility of working from home was key to that. Your patience, when I was distracted by more urgent matters, was also critical in allowing me the time to be with her while still being able to keep the business going. For all these reasons, and many others, I am eternally grateful. Also, just last week, I learned that I am still cancer free, a year after I stopped my treatment. Which is one of very few bright spots for me in 2020.

So, I would like to thank all my customers and everyone in the puzzle community who has helped me do what I love doing - making puzzles. This Friday, November 27, 2020, I will posting puzzles up for sale at random times (are they really random?) throughout the day and night. These puzzles will be deeply discounted and will not just consist of some of the puzzles that have recently been offered for sale, but also be some advanced copies of puzzles to be in my next update, and hopefully a few copies of some classic designs. There will be an extremely limited number of copies (often just a single puzzle) but they will be priced to sell. I rarely sell my puzzles at a discount but I wanted to thank you for your support and to celebrate my own victory a bit. Hopefully your timing will be right and you will snag something cool. Immediately after the sale is over, prices will return to a normal level.

As stated previously, these puzzles will appear at "random" times throughout the day on the Black Friday Sale page. They will also be removed after they have sold so you will need to check back often to try and snag one. I will post a link to the page later in the week. Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays.

Stay safe and take care