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Notes About The Saturday, January30, 2021 Update.

To First Time Customers:

I have only one piece of advice . . . be fast! I am a one-man operation and my batches of puzzles are small compared to other puzzle makers. Although I have gradually increased my batch size over the last few years, I am still only able to make a maximum of about 40 puzzles per lot. Puzzle making can be a very repetitious endeavor. I have a very short attention span and the need to keep variety in my day is the reason for the smaller lot sizes. However, puzzles that sell out very quickly may be made again in the future.

To UK customers: 

The recent changes to import regulations for customers in the UK has caused me to change some of my shipping requirements for these orders. I will not be collecting the VAT and therefore orders to the UK need to exceed the present minimum of135. As always I am happy to hold orders until this minimum is met or as we have done in the past, combine orders with your other puzzle friends. I apologize for this inconvenience or any additional costs on your part.

To Everyone:

I recently added a Laser Cutter to my shop. This addition has opened several new doors for me. While my original purpose for the purchase was to help me make new/better jigs for my miniature table saws, and to cut the occasional acrylic top for a puzzle; I have been getting much more use from it! I have been using it for prototyping my puzzles and this has been a huge help. I have also revisited many designs that I have passed on and will now be bringing them to the puzzle community. Of course, the main focus of my work will always be wooden puzzles, but, you should begin to see a more steady supply of inexpensive acrylic puzzles in my updates.

I am also adding a new page to the update. There will be a new page tentatively titled "Stock Puzzles" (subject to change) which will feature some of my best sellers and other classic designs that always seem to be in demand. I will be watching the inventory and restocking on a regular basis. So if a puzzle shows up as sold out, check back in a week or so and it should be restocked, although not necessarily in the same wood species.

Good luck on Saturday!