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Ahhhh, it's nice to be offering one of Laszlo's packing puzzles again. After the popularity of Hat Trick, I am certain there will be several more batches of this in my future! 

This is a very clever adaptation of Hajime Katsumoto's Half Lid Box. Laszlo was truly inspired by his clever design and came up with a really nice variation. Once again, I gave up after several days of frustration and asked Laszlo for the solution. And wow, I was surprised by the simple elegance of the solution. I lost rack of the moves after about 15 or more but let's just say this is typically Laszlo!

Moves: I lost track, but about 15+ with rotations :0)

Designer: Laszlo Molnar

Size: 2.75" x 3.5" x 2" (6.9cm x 8.9cm x 5cm)